Dimming Light

Through a mid-week group I attend I have come to know someone I will just call T in this blog. T is from Java and is what I call a spiritual enquirer: he wants to know more about God and is always asking questions and challenging what he has been taught about the Christian faith. I think he believes we’ve just got a lot of it wrong. You see T has a real problem squaring what Jesus said (or at least was reported to have said), with what churches set as their priorities and their actions. T cares deeply about poverty, community and the environment and can’t understand why all the Christians and churches don’t rise up as one and do something about problems and challenges in these areas- other than if they do this who will be left to make the coffee and organise the flower rota. He asks when did the radical, life-transforming, courageous Jesus get trapped in our church buildings and turn people into very sedate and polite hymn singing communities? He thinks we have dimmed the LIGHT of the Lord and lost our edge.  In many churches on Sundays a group of elderly, tired and sedate congregations tentatively sing about God building a people of power and I look around and think- not here you’re not. Why does God seem to have left so many of our church buildings?

Q- What do people fear equally about Helicopters and Churches?

A- They are worried about getting caught in the rotas!


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