Come as you are- is our invitation culture catching on?

My last post focused on the light of Christ dimming in our churches, yet low and behold last week, Tearfund published  research which shows that 1 in 4 adults in the UK attend church at least once a year. This totals around 12.8 million adults turning up once a year and of these around 7.3 million turning up once a month. The claim is that more people are now attending church than ever before and people are increasingly associating church and a belief in God with hope, joy and a positive way to spend a morning/evening.

Each year the church runs a Back to Church Sundayevent in September where churchgoers are encourage to extend a personal invitation to friends and neighbours to give church another go and  around 37,000 did indeed return last September. The amazing thing is that around 15% of these are still coming along- so some churches are clearly doing something right! This year’s theme for Back to Church Sunday is – Come as you are. Check out more on this at



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