Joining the dots between The Bible and Society

Let’s take a moment to praise the wisdom and foresight of The Bible Society’s Ann Holt for welcoming a new Religious Studies GCSE syllabus which explores the topics of homosexuality, binge drinking and drugs. We know the Daily Mail and Sun will hate it but this is exactly the sort of approach needed if we are to show our young people that the Christian faith has something to say on issues of relevance and meaning to them. As Ann said, “any course that helps students to understand the relevance of the Bible and other religious texts to life’s issues is to be welcomed…Nobody makes their moral choices in a vacuum- and it’s important that young people understand this.”

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One response to “Joining the dots between The Bible and Society

  1. Andrew Wooding

    (D’oh! I accidentally posted this with the evolution article above. Here is is again, in its correct place.)

    I quite like The Sun, but anything that annoys The Daily Mail is fine by me!

    I am convinced that in 100 years’ time, people will be looking back amazed that the church had major issues over committed same-sex relationships, in the same way that we look back amazed that Christians used the Bible to justify slavery as relatively recent as two centuries ago.

    Andrew Wooding

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