Intelligent evolution discussion please

Charles Darwin

Charles Darwin

So it’s 200 years since Darwin’s birth next week. I don’t know about you, but I’m getting a bit fed up some who  suggest that the all Christians believe that the earth was created in 6  days a few thousand years ago. Some go on to suggest that having a  Christian faith is incompatible with a true respect for science, and so God is likely to be some kind of ancient myth we’ve held on to down the ages and is now an anachronism with no place in the modern world. I’ve read Richard Dawkins books- including the God Delusion and find them a good read and challenge to some of my thinking, but as even Richard must know, a good scientist can’t dismiss the existence of God because he/she can’t be proven- for the very reason that God can’t be dis-proved either!

Not all Christians are new earth creationist, but most do have a respect  and give honour to  a creative force in our universe- we just don’t find the alternative view compelling.. As I watched the great Sir David Attenborough explaining his faith of purist evolution on “Darwin The Tree of Life” at the weekend, I couldn’t help be amazed when he said the pattern in living things (DNA) must prove the truth of evolutionary theory because it proves we must descend from apes.  I celebrate when I see a pattern,  I look for a designer, and I  and millions of others are quite relaxed about calling this  designer God. I don’t care  or ven need to know at this point if it took 6 days, or 6000 million years-  a designed and created universe just makes more sense to me.  I don’t believe it because I’ve inherited some primitive instinct and suspended my intellect; I believe it because it make sense and feels right- is that what our DNA pattern is realling telling us Sir David? In their discovery of DNA did Crick and Watson uncover God’s bluepint for life rather than evolution’s accidental coming together of stardust? 

So let’s have a more intelligent and informed debate on these matters and let’s not see Darwin caught in the crossfire between creationists and atheists. May we celebrate his curiosity and scientific intellect and may we embrace the discussions the anniversary of his birth throws up and remember why this great man was buried at Westminster Abbey.

A recent report by Theos showed that only half of the UK population consistently choose evolution over creationism or Intellgent Design. Only 25% of British adults think that evolution is “definitely true”, with another quarter thinking it is “probably true”.

Nick Spencer, the director of studies at Theos points out that people seem to find the concept of no purpose or absolute morality in life difficult to accept and that maybe the Universe is not a result of chance.

The Amercians have “In God we trust” on their dollar bill and we have Darwin on our curency. A tenner for your thoughts!

For more on the Theos research see



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3 responses to “Intelligent evolution discussion please

  1. Andrew Wooding

    I quite like The Sun, but anything that annoys The Daily Mail is fine by me!

    I am convinced that in 100 years’ time, people will be looking back amazed that the church had major issues over committed same-sex relationships, in the same way that we look back amazed that Christians used the Bible to justify slavery as relatively recent as two centuries ago.

    Andrew Wooding

  2. Andrew Wooding

    Oops. The above was supposed to be a comment on the Bible Society article!

    Sorry, I posted my comment in the wrong place.

    I will read Leviticus three times quickly as penance.

    Andrew Wooding

  3. Laul


    i believe in God, but i also believe in the exquisite randomness of existence.

    how about this for an idea.

    God, if it/he/she/they exists is quite clever. It/he/she/they (i’ll use she from now on!) worked out what rules would need to be in place within a universe for it to exist long enough for life, for it to contain the building blocks of life, for it to create galaxies and suns and planets and conditions for life, for DNA to be able to form, for life to be able to develop and for conciousness to be born, then just set it off, letting it take its course all on its own.

    At the point when life would be able to recognise it, she came along and said ‘hi’.

    Why does it have to be ‘designed’ to be God? why does there have to be no God for there to be no tinkering in the process?

    i struggle with the concept of purpose or meaning. we are all so small compared to humanity, compared to this planet, solar system, galaxy… i mean seriously, if you were to study the planet for 100M years from 10M miles away, would you really be thinking that this person or that person had any real significance? What difference could 1 life possibly make (and i don’t mean Jesus)? Admittedly, this doesn’t fill me with hope, but its where i am currently!

    thanks, good post.

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